Fort Partners is a Miami based, privately held real estate and hospitality development firm, led by entrepreneur Nadim Ashi.

Mr. Ashi’s core vision for the Fort Partners brand is one of permanence and solidity, understated elegance, sophisticated design, and impeccable, unparalleled service. Conscious of the importance of historic preservation, innovation, architecture, design, sustainability and the environment, Fort Partners is committed to the purposeful integration of all aspects, that ultimately manifest in an orchestrated balance, providing spaces that enhance the well being and lifestyle of their inhabitants.

Through careful collaborations and thoughtful partnerships, Fort Partners creates lasting relationships with other like-minded companies, whose visions align with the Fort Partners dream. As a result, Fort Partners offers the highest standards of quality and service, along with acclaimed international design talent, to a market that is ready for world-class real estate and hospitality.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

– Winston Churchill.